Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Soundtrack

I believe that Marty’s creations where perfect, the best. But if you think about it, 343i are not going to modify the music, it might sound different, but technically the scripts are the ones Marty wrote himself, so it’s still HIS music, how about we get the Soundtrack with the game? Or at least with the pre-order as a bonus? Now if this has already been discussed at all, please tell, because I’m sort of new to THIS forum in particular.

I’m not sure how it “sounding different” is disqualified as a modification just because “the scripts are the same.”

More importantly, though, I’m not sure why it would follow from this that we should all get free copies of the soundtrack.

Oh this has been talked about before though. The music comes out on the same day the game comes out Which is the 15th of November. It will pretty much be the same music but with a much more added stuff to the music, and some music that werent added in the original soundtrack.