Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary "pauses" on Xbox Series X

Hello everyone,

I recently started a playthrough of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on my Xbox Series X. Overall the game looks great and plays well, though I’ve noticed every now and again the game actually pauses for a few seconds; it briefly freezes.

I’ve completed the first three levels and this has occurred once on “Pillar of Autumn” and once on “Truth and Reconciliation.”

It has not happened in combat, thankfully, nor has it happened when creating a checkpoint. It’s very odd; I’ll simply be walking and then the game freezes for a few seconds and then keeps going. It’s not during an area transition either.

I did not have this occur on my Xbox One X or my PC, where I’ve done multiple playthroughs of the title, including in Co-Op on PC.

Is this a known occasional issue with the Xbox Series X version?

Yeah this has happened to me too, both in CE and 2. Noticed it while I was mopping up some playlists towards the back end of last year.

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I believe this happens whenever you enter a load zone to load in the next area. I don’t remember if it’s always been like this on Series X, but on the older consoles it’s more apparent.

Do you recall the exact places that it freezes? The corridors between rooms on Assault on the control room, just before entering the grav lift area on Truth and Reconcilation, and on the elevators on the library are loading zones.

It could also be a known bug that has to do with the weapon skins in classic graphics, but I thought it was patched out.

Yes, pretty much every time. This just jolted my memory that that was the reason why. Still, it’s quite jarring when it occurs.

I don’t think it was a load zone, but I’ll pay more attention as I play. Just starting “Silent Cartographer.”

I personally do not recall this happening on my Xbox One X, and I played the Campaign a few times on it.

For weapon skins, I’m using all the default; no customization.

It just happened to me today on “Keyes,” and I was able to record it.

In the video, jump to the 1:00 mark. Just as I’m turning, you’ll see the game “pause” for a second or so. Nothing loading, no Checkpoint being saved. Very odd.


Another thing I’m noticing this playthrough, again my first on Xbox Series X, is that pressing “Y” to switch weapons doesn’t always respond, which is also very odd. My “Y” button works perfectly fine in all other games, including Halo Infinite.

I also play on Series X and have noticed this exact issue on CE and 2.

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