Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Mandela Effect

So a while back another user posted about how they remembered the Halo 4 multiplayer map Haven despite having never played Halo 4 prior to that event. Interested in the idea of the topic, I’ve decided to share a Mandela Effect of my own.

So back around 2013 I was browsing YouTube when I came across a video that seemed to be clickbait. Being too tired at the time to really care, I watched the video and was treated to a man showing a file hidden away in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for an unused face texture labelled as belonging to The Master Chief. Despite remembering not only the video but the face itself clear as day, I’ve never been able to find the video since and no other documentation of such a texture appears to exist.

Does anyone else remember the video? Have any of you seen the face texture?

Do you suggest there is something more unusual regarding Halo that makes it especially valid and crucial to the matrix of the universe we live in than what any other fiction creation or franchise can bring?

It’s also possible the account or video is now deleted.