Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 4 player co-op

why didn’t 343 make Halo: CEA a four player co-op over Xbox Live, personally I would really like that!

Because its the same engine from 10 years ago.

I get it if it is the same engine and that they didn’t want to mess with it, but seriously every other Halo game (except for CEA, CE, and Halo 2) have four player co-op, wouldn’t it be nice if they did that though?

You just answered your own question. Halo CE did not have four player co op, therefore CEA wont.

The game was designed for two-players ten years ago.

The environments wouldn’t have enough space, enemies or weapon placements to support four players at once.

> You just answered your own question. Halo CE did not have four player co op, therefore CEA wont.

my logic must be faulty, sorry about that. the reason I was asking this is because I was wanting to know the reasons why they didn’t make it four player co-op. is it because they didn’t want to mess with the engine (which I have multiple references to), is it because the engine isn’t able to do four player co-op (most-likely), is it because they don’t know how (I don’t know), all of the above? I don’t know, I was just curios if anybody knew or if somebody from 343i would want to chime in on this.

It is because the original Halo CE code only supports two player co-op in its scripts. And 343 didn’t want to interfere with any of Halo’s built in tags. (Adding support for four players would mean having to rescript some stuff and encounters and having to recompile it again).

Example: first part of POA. There are two cryo tubes for master chiefs to come out of. Not four.

I wish that they would make it 4 player co-op as well… and The Library has more than enough space for 4 people all at once, lol, jk. Seriously though, I really wanted to have 3 of my friends and I all playing at once in the campaign. I’ll still be buying it, but I guess we’ll just have to split up during the play throughs and see who can finish first, lol.