Halo Combat evolved and Windows 10 trouble.

No it doesn’t. I have tried and tried and got nowhere.
The odd thing is that I have Custom Edition and that has been working for months just fine.
I have tried reinstalling multiple times and I have got nowhere.
Bungie, any chance of a solution?
When installed, Halo has a 640x800 default resolution, but I have a 1080p capable screen. I like to use 1080p but that setting is not present in the video settings and when I try 1280x720, it crashes on when I press enter on save settings. I have no idea what is causing it and I am getting frustrated!

I am running Windows 10 Pro (x64) with a 256GB SSD and an Intel Core i7 4710MQ and my graphics card is the NVIDIA 860M GT.

You do realize how old Halo CE is right? The Halo CE port on Pc was done only about a few years after the first games release on Xbox , meaning that it was still running on Halo 1 's engine which was designed for the intention of supporting 4:3 monitor screens . Regardless if your monitor supports 1080P or not , the game won’t recognize it as it does not support 1080P though there are ways around this . There is a way to change the quality from editing the property settings which is really easy to do, also you should try installing open sauce 4.0 , the newest halo ce or pc patch (Based on what version of halo ce you are using) . heres a link for the latest patch: Halo PC/CE 1.0.10 now available > All Topics | Forums | Bungie.net Here is a link for open sauce 4.0 : http://haloce3.com/downloads/applications/open-sauce-4-0/ here is a link for editing the property settings to support 1080P :- YouTube also if you need help with issues relating to halo ce you should really look at Halo CE Maps and Halo CE’s websites. They offer alot of help and support for the halo ce community and have been doing it for well over 7 years. :smiley: Hope dis helped!!!