Halo collector thread!

Haven’t seen a thread or forum section for it; but I’d figure I’d make one! Where’s all the collectors at? Doesn’t matter if it’s mega blocks, figures, special Xbox’s, or anything else let’s talk about it!

What do you collect, what are you looking for? How do you feel about the new merch and upcoming merch?

Personally I’m a bit of a figure collector, it’s small and all from McFarlane era, but I love it. I’m on the fence with a few Spartan collection figures but they’re scaled bigger so I’m not how well they’ll fit; though I’m for sure getting that arbiter deluxe when it drops!

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I never fancied myself a collector. Tbh, I recently gave what books I had away to a cousin (tho I am at present listening to all the audiobooks while working) and sold the statues and toys and such (I’m too lazy to dust such things).

However, what remains are an Xbox from each gen (have not yet acquired the Series X), and the collection of games and movies.

I have all of the RvB seasons up to thirteen, and Halo Legends. If they’re available DVD wise, I may seek out Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall and the TV Series. Then again, might not.

I have each game, including the two PC releases, plus an extra copy of Halo 2 (one is the steel case) and the legendary Reach case with Halsey’s journal. However I am missing HW2 (which I will buy once I get my last few HW1 achievements), MCC (which I own digitally, but may buy physically), and Infinite (which I’m holding out on cuz the disc doesn’t even have the full game, so I hear). Then, I guess Spartan Strike and Assault don’t have physical discs else I’d add them too.

It’s a small work-in-progress collection of my twenty year tenure. I’m not overly ambitious about completing it, but it looks nice in my entertainment center.

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I collect Halo Macfarlane figures, I just ordered a Big W exclusive Rust JFO figure which is arriving in 2 days, I do own Jazware figures but not a big fan of the Paintjobs on them

Outside of Halo, small collection of Assassins Creed, I have Hidden Blades from past AC games, Cane Sword from AC Syndicate, Limited Edition games & the Codex Edition

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I’ve seen people do black washes on the jazwares that improve it immensely

I’ve got a few things such as the Noble Team legendary statue thing which I’m probably going to sell really soon as I don’t have anywhere to put it. I also have that Cortana figure that lights up blue. I put that inside my newly built pc and it looks pretty cool with all the led lights in there. Lastly I have all of the strategy guides plus that encyclopedia that released a while back. Do Halo tattoos count too? I have a lot of them.

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Unfortunately I have had to sell most of my collection but I used to have a lot before my move to the US started. I won’t sell my Halo 3 Kotobukiya statues though neither my Master Chief from 1000toys. I recently parted with my Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Man, did that sting.

Sorry to hear man. That’s always rough