Halo Clans: The Black Listing

Alright, so, I’m just going to leave this here, just as a rant really. Nothing too major, just something I’d like to point out.

So, firstly, for those of you who don’t know what it is, a black list is a list of gamertags that have been deemed KOS, (Kill on Sight). Meaning, if you come across each other in a game, such as an open raid, that clan that black listed you will be more intent on finding and killing YOU rather than randoms in the game, or even grabbing that base. In other words, being black listed in a clan makes you public enemy #1.

So, here comes the part that I’m going to rant about. I am currently black listed in a clan. (Wont say who) but I earned that black list position, and I’m proud of it. In short, I intentionally sought out and assassinated the leader of this clan (I’m an assassin, it’s kinda what I do to enjoy the game) so, I can understand the “omg, kill on sight! Were in the same game!” And all that jazz that comes with it. My problem with my predicament is, this clan has decided to be a wannabe headhunter clan all of a sudden. Mainly for my head, although they have others in their black list (which I might add are a lot more active than I am). So, what they do is intently waste their time and energy waiting for me to get on so they can stalk my gamertag into Halo 5. Anything that’s open, they raid it if I’m there. No big deal, BUT, these kids claim they’re not salty about the assassination, claim they don’t care, yadda yadda. My problem with that is, if it’s not a big deal, why are you stalking me? Lol it’s so pointless. We can go out and have a brawl, no biggie. I love playing bloody knuckles and making you even more salty. So, the point I’m trying to make here, if you’re going to be salty, be salty. Don’t try to mask what’s obviously written in your actions (and messages lol) and second, if you’re going to black list, at least do it right. KOS someone if they’re in the same game as you. Don’t just follow them into a random game, because believe it or not, I have trap maps. I’m this close to coaxing you into one. I’d have done so if I didn’t want to get spammed on how trash I am. And lastly, if you’re going to head hunt me, get a professional. Your tags, emblems, and gamertags stick out like a sore thumb lol

See you on the battle field. Probably from the shadows :wink:

I tend to think that clan drama or the like is better handled through interpersonal means via DMs or your company’s private forum/discord etc. This isn’t going to promote constructive discussion about Halo, but instead encourage people to air their grievances about the way companies/clans are run and there are better places to have that discussion than waypoint.