Halo clan( the indigo wolfs)

The Indigo Wolfs is a clan of teamwork and hardship for halo reach. Anyone may enter as long as they are true to the clan and are not here just to sabatoge the clan. If you are in another clan you do not have to quit that clan. Just thing of this as a secondary clan. There are some requierments though.

  1. There is a certain emblem and the color of that emblem will decide your rank.
  2. Your armor may look like anything you want.
  3. Just have fun with the game and be friends with your fellow clanmates.
    The clan ranks have colors and symbols and the main emblem is a blue wolf( becuase i belief it is the closest color to indigo)and the secondary color is based on your rank and the backround is the flag and the color of the flag is steel. The ranks are
  4. Leader( seondary color is white)
  5. Second in Command( color is silver)
  6. True Indigo Wolf( color is orchid)
  7. Special Ops (class)( color is teal)
  8. Bloodletter (color is brick)
  9. Recruit ( color is yellow)
    If you have any questions please contact me gamertwiggy6476 or look at the guild form in groups on the website called “halocharts.com” under my profile name gamer64 or my gamertag gamertwiggy6476.Oh and there is one more thing about the clan. We have a treaty with the disturbing dee peace clan. We are basically two clans in one. So if you like this discrition for a clan go to halocharts.com and go to groups and look for Indigo wolfs, click it, and then click request to join and will see if you are true enough to join. The clan is here to have a great time on reach and to kick some major -Yoink-!