Halo Clan Community, Experiences old and new

I want this thread to not be a quasi-political science major test bed or a doomer “things weren’t as great as when I was 9 type of thread” and while that might be hard to ask for if you are reading this just try to make the conscientious effort not to. I want to hear some experiences from the community from you, the reader and about Halo clans and the niche that exists. Share your experiences with Halo clans and lets see how it compares with everyone else. It should tell us where the clan community is in by default.

In what is also Halo 2’s 17th birthday and 17 years since we’ve seen the first clan system in a game over Xbox Live it has evolved into so many different forms of sharing an experience together with others and winning games together.

Do you like clans?
Do you hate them?
Have you been in a clan?
What has your experience been with clans?


Not even a shameless plug?

20 views and nothing man, atleast type that you hate all clans.

I have played Halo since the beginning, Halo 2 has the greatest memories for me and I always play FPS’s for the multiplayer.

Regarding clans, I have never been in one or been invited to one. I am not sure my skill level is at the right level.

I have thought about hopefully joining one of the feature does arrive in Infinite as I do want to play with a team.

I don’t mind playing solo ranked but I am hitting my level cap now as if the team I get placed into during matchmaking comes up against a party, we will more likely lose.

Not many of my online friends play halo so I am limited to get a party going. Plus, even though I am not the best, my online friends are worse then me and I would like to get a higher rank. I’m currently at gold6, nearly got platinum but lost 3 in a row so levelled down a bit.

To sum up, I am Pro Clans, hope they get introduced.

Final thought, I think it would be a great feature if they introduced clan leagues/tournaments to really drive forward this feature.