Halo Channel Won't Unlock/Play H2A Terminals?

Is anyone else experiencing this error? I find a terminal in game, I hit the use button and it pauses H2A and jumps over to the Halo Channel, makes a beep noise and then switches back to H2A. I can try this multiple times and the same thing happens. I go to the dashboard and open the app separately and it will say no H2A terminals are unlocked. Am I out of luck, or is this a persistent error that is happening to enough people that it gets patched?

Yep I have that problem too. Can’t watch nightfall either :frowning:

This happens to me as well. In one case playing as the arbiter early on the achievement unlocked but the terminal was unwatchable and in delta halo where you find the room with the prophet hologram before extending the bridge I didn’t even get an achievement or the ability to watch the terminal

I have this issue on great journey, achievemnet popped, went to channel, got booted back, and carried on thinking I’d come back later. Only now ive come back later and the terminal isn’t there anymore!!!

I also cannot play or watch nightfall, but that has been the case from the start, xbl are looking into that, but this is the first terminal issue ive found

Same issue here some work some dont

This error is still occurring for me after patch, I tried to play a Terminal again and nothing.

I have the achievement for unlocking all Halo 2 terminals but on the Halo Channel i can only view the first 9.
10 -13 tell me to play halo and unlock them. I have been back to the terminals and loaded them back up from in game to watch them and after its finished I still only get the option to play halo and details like its not been collected.

Also when I load up TMCC it pops up with 13 new videos everytime

Same here, achievement unlocked but no video, I am getting sick of the game reminding me I’ve unlocked videos I can’t even watch.

So five months have passed and there is still no fix for this… What’s the deal with there being so many issues with practically every game on the Xbone and hardly any of them are being fixed?

I can’t truly speak for anyone aside from myself but I don’t piss hard earned cash away just to say that I own an expensive piece of faulty hardware that runs faulty software. Random individuals can make super computers out of junks PS2s but big companies that make billions can’t keep up?

I know my little rant night not be helpful in any way but could you guys please fix these issues with Halo already?! Much like Monitor 343, I’m very disappointed in your actions! (or lack thereof)