halo channel won't load up

on my computer i try to load up halo channel but it keeps kicking me out

Ok, help me figure out where we are breaking:

First, you are running Windows 8.1, yes?
What hardware are you running on? (Desktop PC? Laptop? Tablet?)

Ok, assuming we are on Windows 8.1, what is the fail point:
a) Launch Halo Channel, see yellow screen, then dies
b) Launch Halo Channel, see yellow screen, then white screen with logo, then dies
c) Launch Halo Channel, see yellow screen, see white screen with logo, see Welcome Screen with video list

Some other things to check on:
Are you using a firewall/DNS restriction app such as Norton DNS or Kaspersky Lab that restricts content? Do other Windows 8.1 ‘Metro’ apps launch successfully? (Video or Music would be good apps to check since they are built in)

IF you can provide some answers to the questions above, we can start to troubleshoot the issue and determine where we are breaking, and hopefully find a fix!

yes windows 8.1 and running on a desktop and think the fail point was a but i will check my firewall first