Halo Channel Video Issue

Earlier today after opening up the 4th Terminal in Halo 2 (Located in “The Arbiter” mission) I went onto the Halo Channel to play the terminal video, seeing as how I couldn’t do it straight from the game.

Opening up the Halo Channel separately from MCC, I would hit the play button for the terminal video, but instead it would play the Halo Bulletin video. I tested this with different terminal videos as well as trying to play an episode of Nightfall and the app still took me to Halo Bulletin.

I tried reinstalling Halo Channel to see if the issue was on my end, and after reinstalling, the issue did not change, it still occurs.

Hello Sir JereBear,

Halo Channel is currently experiencing some issues with the entitlements service (the system that grants you access to these videos) due to a recent Xbox Live services issue. Our team is aware of the problem and investigating. Thanks for your report!