Halo Channel Retired?

Hello, I used to have Halo Channel (claimed thru a code that came on my physical Halo Master Chief Collection Disc), I had to get a new drive and I don’t have the app anymore, I can’t re-redeem the code and “My owned APPs” don’t show the Halo Channel app, any idea how to recover it or if it has already been nuked from earth totally?

You can install it from the MCC menu, but it no longer works. I think terminal videos still launch from in-game, but you can’t browse or play TV/movie content.

No you can’t, just checked, from MCC extras menuI get linked to Halo Infinite and Halo 5 but no Channel, it also links me to buy the Nightfall movie which I in theory should already have by merit of redeeming the movie code but nope, it asks me to purchase it again haha.

The cinematics for terminals are indeed there so at least there’s that, thanks!