Halo Channel Que doesn't play selected items.

The Halo Channel isn’t working correctly for me. I wanted to watch the Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematics one after the other, in succession, so I placed each individual cut scene into the Que thinking they would automatically and seamlessly play one by one. But when the first Halo 2 Anniversary cut scene finished playing, the Que loaded the “Latest News Clip” to play next, not the cut scene I had selected. In addition to loading the Latest News Clip to play automatically, the Que also lined up the cut scenes from “Halo Wars” to play after the News Clip. I had already seen the News Clip and the Halo Wars cut scenes and didn’t want to watch them again. I made sure to remove those clips from the Que and went back to the Halo 2 Anniversary menu and re-qued the cut scenes to play one after the other. Again, as the next Halo 2 cut scene I watched was finishing, the Que brought up the same, “Latest News Clip” and “Halo Wars” cut scenes to automatically play next. I tried several more times to set the Que to automatically play in succession the cut scenes I WANTED TO WATCH, but the Que always loaded the News Clip to automatically play next.

Seems to me the whole point of having a Que option is to give each viewer the ability to choose which video clips they want to watch automatically, and in succession, without having to go back into the menu and manually select the next clip to watch. Indeed, given that some of these cut scenes and clips aren’t even a full minute long, it isn’t really practical to go back to the menu after each clip ends and manually select the next you want to watch. You spend more time navigating through the various menus for the clip you want to play next than you do actually watching them.