Halo Channel on Xbox One is buggy

Hello I am reaching out because I started playing MCC Halo 2 again and well let’s say that this Halo Channel app is a mess. The terminals won’t load the videos when launching them in the game and launching them in the Channel app on standalone.

Launching In the game I just get the slow halo channel logo and then after minutes pass I just get a black screen and thinking circle. It worked once and then it just stopped.
Launching the videos in the app, well let say the app in itself was a mess. Took forever to open, and when it did moving around was not fluid but delayed and jolty. Turned off the xbox and waited and tried again. It took me a couple of attempts to even get the app to open.

I finally got to the videos and hit play. I saw the guy shooting and that my video was coming up…then it just stopped. After 3 mins of frozen screen I got “That’s Not Right…” Retry video. Then back to black screen with thinking circle.
Any help? (What delete the app and reinstall it?) Did that! (Take the batteries out?) (Blow in the cartridge ?)

Um…I liked the old way better before this halo app redirection thing. It just seems like an extra step and a headache. I guess I will just youtube the videos. (whomp whomp).

That app is a failure, it works great on my PC, but on the Xbox one it’s one slow, jaggy,buggy pain in the -Yoink-.

While I play Halo TMCC and unlock terminals, it takes forever for the Halo Channel to load and even afterwards it starts glitching.