Halo channel currently unavailable

Been getting this message for over a week now when I start the app, nothing I do solves it, help!?

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> Been getting this message for over a week now when I start the app, nothing I do solves it, help!?

Is the issue on Windows 8.1 or Xbox One?

Xbox one

I’m having the same issue on Xbox One.

Could you try a hard reset/cache clear to see if that fixes the problem? Two methods you can use are:
1.) Press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds, until you hear/see the system fully power off. Let it sit for 30 seconds and then power on and try Halo Channel again.
2.) Power off your Xbox One, then unplug the power cable and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Plug it back in, and then retry Halo Channel.

Let me know if the problem persists as we continue to track and try to replicate this problem!

Tried both options neither have worked, I have uninstalled and re installed the app numerous times in varying combos (uninstall, power cycle, re install ect) the yellow loading screen appears and then takes me to a page showing a grunt plush toy and says the channel is currently unavailable check back soon

Having the same issue… tired of looking at the plush toy… Master Chief collection appears to work properly…

I had this issue for over a month but this morning I figured out what the problem was (for me at least).

Every time I opened the halo channel up, it would show a loading screen but then show a Plush toy saying ‘Halo channel unavailble, please check back soon’.
I tried uninstall, re-install etc. No luck.

Note that I had my xbox one connected to my PC 24" HP monitor. It works fine for EVERYTHING else.

Turns out, Halo Channel does NOT like it! I disconnected the xbox one and connected it to my main living room TV and bingo, Halo Channel now works!!

It might be something along the lines of the EDDID which comes from HDMI connected monitors which the halo channel, might be interpretting as a capture card?? and blocking it.

So for those on xbox one, who are seeing this, at least those who are running it using a monitor, please try using a TV.

I finally can now download the Halo 5 beta and I will then switch back to the monitor and hopefully the beta won’t be as fussy as the halo channel itself.

Hope this helps someone.