Halo changes I think should be added. Agree?

Plasma pistols need the tracking they had past game

Tanks have really bad controls

Commando and ravager need damage buffs

Vehicles need more health

Take red shield out when vehicles are about to blow up, and instead increase health.

Vehicles take damage over time when hit. Need fire, debris. Like halo 3

Add more fan favorite guns and vehicles

More maps, and older maps… like last resort, halo CE two side moon base…whatever thats called, And more

Add elites as a free playable character

Make store cheaper

Bring items from events into store, but i little more expensive, just people that werent able to get then can get now

DLC champaigns could be cool

Add the mark 5 headgear as one of the defaults like halo 3

Bring back original soundtracks

Please reply if you have seen this and are willing to make these changes

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