halo championship req

How do I report a problem directly to 343 industries. The req thing messed up and now I don’t have the pack

Same situation here. The official announcement post said:

> Tune-in to Receive a Free Halo World Championship REQ Pack and HaloWC Gamerpic
> What better way to show your love for Halo esports than to wear it on your (armored) sleeve? In celebration of the tournament, anyone who watches the Finals broadcast – starting on Sunday at 4 p.m. PT on their Xbox One (through the Xbox Live Event Interactive app) or Twitch – can get the Halo World Championship REQ Pack for free. This special HaloWC REQ Pack includes the all new Ultra Rare “Challenger” armor set and HaloWC 2016 emblem. Act fast as this is only available until 9 a.m. PT on Mar. 21! Also, as a special thank you to the Halo esports community, Xbox is rolling out a Halo World Championship Xbox One Gamerpic throughout this week for the entire community.

Nowhere in that post does it say to go download something. I watched the finals multiple times within that window using the Live Event Viewer (XLEi) but my pack isn’t showing up. I have contact Xbox Support. My reference ID is:1332366775

You can get the req by downloading it from the xbox store to your gamertag. It’s free, thats how i got mine.

It has been removed from the store. This WAS the link to it: Halo 5: Guardians – Halo World Championship REQ Pack | Xbox

If you read the announcement, it makes no mention of downloading anything. The official announcement communicates that you get it by watching the broadcast. If they had said to go download it, we all would have. But now that we’re all figuring it out after the fact, the link no longer works. This was an epic communication fail.

I just assumed that XLEi would have made a list of gamertags that tuned in to watch, then pass that list to 343 who would make the REQ available for those users. Obviously, that wasn’t the case and now many users are missing out on content they genuinely believe they were earning.