Halo: Challenges


As all of the Easter Eggs are in one easy location, and sure we could link to videos and such (or Google the Youtube), I’d figure it would be easier to list the Easter Eggs in one convenient location one does not have to link around, unless they want to click on a link.

> 1) ‘Where is Dave’ is the only required egg to be found. You MUST find this egg first before you can qualify to find the others.

I could list them all, but I know what it’s like to be the kid with their hand up going “ew ew me me!!!” when it’s time to share a story and such. So I will reveal (or remind) what the first egg is to find.

DAVE is spelled out in ASCII at the bottom of your visor when zoomed in without a scoped weapon. Take a picture of yourself zoomed in without a scoped weapon. That simple to qualify.

Now to be honest… my mind is stump on this one at the moment

> A monument to all your sins…:
> (Brass attempts to block your way.)

Any takers? Unless of course it is as easy as slaughtering 7 General Sangheili :wink: