halo CEA trailor, white zealot?

I rewatched the trailor and found a white, reach style zealot. DONT GET ME WRONG im not one of those people who whines about the CEA placeholders being out of canon, I dont care, I just want to know why they made the placeholder white. mabye BOBS will return? Either way I wont care as long as its the same story, scenary and music. Oh, and FYI im almost postive thats campaign because i regonize it as the TAR prison room with captain keys in it (i have played CE billions of times, and still play it) if you want to see a pic, since it says my browser wont let me paste, go to google images, type in halo ce anniversary zealot and look at the third image

I doubt there will be BOB’s again. I do remember seeing a few white Elites in Halo CE though. 343 is basically using some of the skins from the Reach Engine on the original characters, so they may have put a BOB skin on the original white elites.

I doubt they would serve the same purpose though…still, we’ll find out more at HaloFest I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully 343 came to their senses, and this is in fact an Ultra, hence the white/silver color. This would be closer to cannon, as throughout all of the main trilogy the Zealots were gold…

Hopefully it’s a placeholder. I’ve noticed the Marines looking eerily similar to the Troopers, and the AR looks just like the Reach AR.

In CE white elites were Ultras, just like in the rest of the games, what interests me is the fact in the trailer they wear Zealot armour

elites are just plain bad -Yoink- no matter what color… but i agree the gold zealots in CE and 2 are the best, but the reach zealots head wear is pretty cool too

> I do remember seeing a few white Elites in Halo CE though.

There were no white elites in CE. The invisible elites had a lighter armor color, but it was more of a silver or light blue.

theres a dead one on two betrayls but that could just be a mess up supposed to be a camo elite

Its possible that with the new skins placed on it it will have changed the look some. Remember its suppose to look more advanced. I’ve also heard that Firefight will be added into it, so it wouldnt seem unlikely that zealots might appear with harder difficulties in the game.