Halo CEA Terminals

Just thought of something, 343 has to make the helmet cam of Jenkins that everyone loves right? So what if the terminals are all helmet cams like a lot of people suggested for the Reach campaign? Anyone else think its possible and likely?

the terminals tell a more “forerunner” story, especially things related to halo 4, as said in their vidoc. So I’m sure it’s halo 3 style.

They also said that they will be a more immerseive than halo 3. If i recall, there is a e3 interview with frankie where he sheds some light.

“Halo 4’s story will be teased and players will “uncover never-before-revealed backstories told in motion-graphic form that foreshadow new mysteries in the story of Halo 4”.”

Found this which also points to helmet cams

welp this crushed it

“Finding terminals in the new-and-improved Halo unlocks full videos (complete with some neat animations of what appears to hand-drawn artwork) that seems to tell the tale of the floating 343 Guilty Spark, one of the most memorable “characters” in the series.”

from GameSpy: The Interrogation Room: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Page 1