Halo cea service record wrong

I thought check the service record, noticed theres a service record for halo cea but the stats are wrong because it claims I haven’t completed legendary solo. It was the first thing I did when I got the game while it claims I also don’t have any skulls which is also wrong.

The weird thing is it says 16/10 even though there are 10 levels, it shows my times for each level, it sounds like I completed 6 secret levels that I wasn’t aware of, forced 343i to think I must complete other secret levels.

The only thing they seem to go right is the fact that I have all the achievements, I’m not even sure about the times since Its been a while since I did the legendary run solo.

The service record is very glitchy. It says I haven’t found any skulls, but I have.

16/10 means you completed 16 levels on a mix of difficulties, or just 10 on one difficulty and 6 on another.

lol maybe but I’m pretty sure I completed every level on solo, co-op is too laggy to play online, even helped others after I completed it.