Halo CEA Map Question

Before I put my question,`I need to give you guys a little context first, so you will understand. Bear with me.

In the Defiant Map Pack, in Forge, after you save your map as a “new map” on any Defiant map, when you look at the FILE DETAILS for the map in the game lobby it clearly shows:

CREATED BY: 343 Industries
MODIFIED BY: Halo Conceptor ( AKA Your Gamertag )

I understand that 343i wants to show that they designed the maps, but the problem is that the “CREATED BY” section will always say “343 Industries” and cannot be changed. This means that players cannot take credit for their own custom maps because the “MODIFIED BY” section, where your gamertag is shown, can be changed anytime if another player else saves the same map variant in Forge.


Will the Halo CEA Maps still say “343 Industries” under the “CREATED BY” section AFTER you save a map, or will it say:

CREATED BY: ( Your Gamertag ) <---------- It’s supposed to be like after saving a map.
MODIFIED BY: ( Your Gamertag )

Players should be able to take credit for their own map variants. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t bother changing it.

most likely they wont change it but that is a good point people should take credit for their maps