Halo: CEA Let's Play! Part 1

This has been a long time coming, folks.

Ever since I saw my first Lets Play, I’ve always wanted to do one with Halo 1. My internet was never good enough to keep up with today’s HD content stream…But that all changed a few weeks ago. After a lot of work and effort setting up the logistics…I finally am able to upload and produce HD content for Youtube.

So what do I do with this newfound power? LET’S PLAYS! I figured it was just about the best timing in the world, considering Halo CEA just came out, and I was in need of a good game to get back into it with. A perfect union.

I’ll stop blabbering. Here’s part one of my Halo CEA Let’s Play! It’s about 20 minutes long, clears “The Pillar of Autumn” and gets us just to the beginning of “Halo”.


Enjoy! And if you like what you see…Expect more to come!