Halo CEA Kinect analyze montage

This is a montage of all 45 items in the Kinect analyze library. Each item has two clips: the first shows you what it looked like to scan it in game, and the second shows you what it looks like in the in game library.

I tried to keep it as short as I could, so for most written descriptions if you see an item of interest in which you want to read the entire description you’ll need to pause the video to do so - this is by design. If I let the video run in real time as long as it would take to read everything without pausing it would be double its present length.

If your internet will handle it, it’s available in 1080 HD. If you like it, give it a thumbs up.

Awesome montage! Thanks, I don’t have a kinnect. So, this will most likely be the only way for me to see this content. Great job.

It’s long, so I’m watching it in chunks, but it’s looking good!

Nice job, Kegs. That was so cool to watch and informative.

That is very cool i thank you.

Y’all are welcome!

I don’t have a Kinect yet which is the lost thing i need to do for halo CEA good video! :smiley:

very cool montage, I also checked it out in chunks, but it’s kewl. Keep up the good work, seems it’s all good!

Yes, you don’t have to watch it all at once - and I did it in alpha order so you can jump around.