Halo: CEA Instant Switching? Audio?

I think this is personally a pretty huge deal. Giving Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary the same benefits as Halo 2 Anniversary (instant switching, switching audio in-game) would just make the entire experience of The Master Chief Collection just feel that much more seamless and cohesive.

What do you guys think?

Four!!! This is the fourth time I’ve been first to reply to a question about CEA’s audio or instant switching!!!

Audio: I really hope so, but I doubt it. I hope they at least turn up the dialog.

Switching: we’re going from 512mb of RAM to 8gb of RAM, so the switching should be damn near instant, maybe with a fade in/out like they had, but it should take a fraction of the time. Remember, the Xbone has 16X the amount of processing memory that the 360 has. So no texture popping either.