Halo CEA harder than CE?

Am I the only one feeling this? on legendary?

Nah, maybe it’s just because it’s been a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t noticed it. When was the last time you actually played CE? Might just take some getting used to, remember all the recent Halo’s have been much easier than CE was.

It felt easier to me, although I was playing Heroic Co-Op at first then went and did the rest on Normal.

> Am I the only one feeling this? on legendary?

It is not harder than it was ten years ago. Like someone pointed out, it is because you haven’t played it on a long time. That and Legendary on the other games are easier. Yes even easier than Halo 2. The snipers in Halo 2 are annoying.

EDIT: Also, I am getting my -Yoink- thoroughly handed to me running through it on Legendary.

I’m glad the campaign is difficult especially on Heroic/Legendary.

Halo Reach was too easy on Legendary I’m hoping 343 doesn’t make the campaign in Halo 4 a walk in the park, stick to the CEA roots.

Yeah same here . I would get stuck on a bit of the level then switch to classic nd it seems alot easier

The original H:CE was beast on legendary. I think a lot of people have forgotten how hard it was.

I guess you are all right… I did a legendary play through after CEA was announced, but still, I guess playing Gears of War overwrites my halo Skills…

The difficulty is about the same as CE but there ave been tweeks on the CEA that make gameplay tougher. Such as making it harder to get vehicles into areas u could easily do on CE. Also changing what falls will kill you that you would have survived in CE.