Halo CEA graphics, good but. . .

I think people talked about this before but Halo CEA’s graphics have one big problem


Now I don’t mind not having fog everywhere. Yet the brightness is way too much. You can barely see your redicule and/or enemies half the time. Maybe it’s my fault for not playing on an HD TV but still. You can have great graphics and still be easy.

The redicule needs to be darker and enemies need to blend in less.

However I’m not here to complain 100% of the time. Now for the good: CEA graphics are NICE. The face animations don’t look too well but I think that’s because they literally are CEA with better graphics (not so much animation).

However the lighting, textures, all are beautiful. You would have to be a fool and say it’s not at least an 8 out of 10 for console standards. It looks a lot better then MW3 for sure and hell in some aspects better then Gears and Reach. Other then the above hiccup it’s easy on the eyes and just amazing to look at.

If 343 had more power, members and time I bet CEA would have been even better. But overall I say the graphics, in my opinion, compared to console games at least is a good 8.5/10

The lighting is indeed beautiful, and I’m glad you’re giving 343 a fair share. And you know you can change brightness and contrast in the in-game settings, right? :wink:

You know, as I was switching back and forth my thoughts were ‘jesus, the original was so damn dark’. When you’re following that marine to the bridge of the Autumn I noticed Marines laying down in pain, to the right of one of the rooms you pass through on the way. I was like ‘huh? I don’t remember this’. I switched back and they were consumed by darkness. It was like Anniversary revealed something to me that was hidden. There were other occasions, too.

Everything is awesome comparing it to the original. I love the updates, and I love switching back and forth. My friend however hates it when I’m wondering and looking at scenery. :stuck_out_tongue: