Halo CEA, future updated incuding MP.

Everyone is all angry and annoyed about the lack of MP in the Anniversary but noone has considered 343’s ability to deliver what you want. Reach’s multiplayer was a bust and Bungie’s policy seems to be ignoring the fan’s. 343 hopefully will pay more attention. I know that if asked. Id happily volunteer to patrol these forums looking for highly supported suggestions and ideas, and relate them all back to 343. As it is we just have to trust that they listen.

MP is highly desired in Anniversary and I would quite like to see Halo CE’s famous CTF on Blood Gulch returned. But 343 is not as experienced as Bungie. They might need all this time before release to work on the game. People, I offer you a solution. We allow 343 to concentrate solely on making the campaign as Epic as possible. Many people complained about the armour looking odd and Army troopers replacing Marines. Id like 343 to spend time looking in to that. Anyone that’s read Halo: The Flood knows that ODST’s accompanied the Chief into Truth and Reconciliation. I’d like to see that aswell.

My idea is that we let them make Anniversaries campaign awesome now, in return for a promise of a Title Update featuring multiplayer when the pressures off on the current projects. Halo 4 is probably consuming lots of resourses. Hopefully we could see Multiplayer by Mid 2012. What do you think. Please discuss.

No, just no. They have a chance now.

If you haven’t read this article, you should at least give it a once over. I realize a lot of people are upset about the lack of multiplayer, and I sympathize with them. I too will miss the split-screen and LAN style shenanigans of old in HD glory. Unfortunately, the answer to everyone’s MP cries isn’t an easy one to swallow.

> "And multiplayer! Well that was the challenge. We ached over this one. Do we build peer-to-peer netcode for Halo 1 and simply update the graphics? Do we disrupt the Halo: Reach player base and community ecology? Or do we invest in the loyalty of those players, and the amazing new features Reach has brought to the table? It was a super hard decision, but ultimately the thing that tipped the balance in Reach’s favor was this simple fact: If we added netcode to Halo CE’s console gameplay, it would change it irrevocably. It would NOT be the same game you remembered – it would be a compromised vision of it, with the pros and cons that lag, latency and more can bring. Oh, and everyone would -Yoink!- the pistol 24/7.
> So Reach it is. And that helped us define which maps to choose. Obviously Blood Gulch would be a bit redundant. And obviously Beaver Creek was a no-brainer. You’ll also see a new Covenant-themed version of Damnation, a glimpse of another old fan favorite from Halo CE, and one map that while famous and awesome, has never been seen on console before. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now."

I hope that helps!

-Always Hope

I know but players are slipping away from Reach all the time sniff. On top of that Bungie really failed with the balancing. The grenades in that game home in on players. They will literally change direction. And the AR at close range loses to the DMR. 343 all the way. Reach is a let down but CE is a chance for the same engine to shine in multiplayer. Ill compromise -Yoink!-, maybe using Reach’s netcode but with CE settings. Sort of like a classic playlist but with entirely new things. It could run through Reaches matchmaking and require that you have installed something from the Anniversary disk. Just think people we can come up with something. I said I’m happy to wait.

Do both, because CE deserves its time in the XBLA spotlight, it MADE THE XBOX!!!