Halo CEA Flood Skins

Why didn’t 343i make the flood look like something other than the Halo 3 flood? I am mainly picking on the elites. It is disappointing that 343i did not take time to make a new skin for the flood; instead they imported the Halo 3 flood skins for CEA.


Skip to around 7:00 minutes you will see. I and a lot of other people were sure expecting something better. As much as I hate it, it almost suits the game well…

I don’t see what people are talking about. I can’t tell any difference from the Flood in CE to the Flood in H3. I’m a lil’ disappointed in 343’s choice of the way the elites look.

Old news, my friend. Most of the character models and every weapon and vehicle model are imported from previous games due the time constraints surround the game’s development.

Is this seriously an issue? Can’t we just be thankful it’s finally happening and we’re getting it for a very cheap price?

umm… why wouldn’t they use the halo 3 skins? i mean, if it aint broke, don’t fix it

The guy above e is right. theres really nothing wrong with the skins, so i feel that it’s good that they spent more time on the maps, rather than spend time making new skins for enemies that already look exactly the way they should.

if you go to 4:04 in the video you can see that the legs on that Elite Combat Form look a lot more similar to the Reach Elite’s legs than the Halo 3 Elite Combat Forms. The models also look more detailed and gory anyway, isn’t that the main point of flood is to look gory and disgusting?

Its realy not an issue…besides, they are using the Halo: Reach elites while mixing the flood in there >_>

Seeing as how all the models and that are different proportions, these are not the same as Halo 3.

actually if you look closely they kept the textures but the flood themselves look completely different

yeah… pause that video at 07:19 and you get the full side profile of an elite flood combat formed. Having inspected the halo 3 AND reach elite models I can confirm that at least the elite flood form is from halo 3.

I understand they used pre-existing game assets to save time. Yes it looks weird seeing 2 varient of elite models (Reach for living H3 for flood) but it all falls in the higher quality halo model families. (I’d also like to mention we won’t see the non-flood characters morph into flood characters like they did for the first time in halo 3)

Despite the fact that I’ll be noticing it now whenever I stop and look at a flood corpse in-game, I’m glad that it looks good in the end.