Halo CEA - Energy sword usable?

I’ve not seen much talk about this, surprisingly. But I, for one, hated the fact you couldn’t use the energy sword in the original Halo: CE.

I sincerely hope the energy sword and FRG are usable in this remake, in some function.

Personally, I feel it’d be a wasted oppurtunity to rectify an error otherwise. Why even have the weapons in the game if the player cannot use them?

Sword would be easy to make usable. Same thing with Wraith. But the fuel rod gun requires Eschaton or Custom Edition modding programs (to transfer the multiplayer fuel rod gun since the campaign one can shoot infinitely and would take several minutes to adjust).

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On a further note,in Campiagn,the Energy Sword and FRG had failsafes to self-destruct should their owner be killed.

Thanks for the link, Sol.

I forgot about wraiths, Sliding Ghost, haha.

Let’s face facts here, a lot of Halo fans may not have played CE, or may not have enjoyed playing it simply for lacking these simply functionalities. I know that since I sold my copy of Reach, I’m already displeased with only being able to play multiplayer on the 7 maps provided with CEA. I need no more disappointment in relation to something as awesome as a remake of Halo CE.