Halo CEA Easter Egg Bulletin Board (Trollface & More)

What’s up guy, Physics Remastered here again with a cool Easter egg bulletin board in Halo CEA. This bulletin board has the famous “Troll Face” that you see all over the internet now a days, as well as some other neat thing. Check it out and stay tuned to Physics Remastered, we have something big coming out pretty soon. Enjoy!


Oh, hey, I guess I’m subscribed to you. I commented on that video.

I think that’s Chiefy in the form of a nebula during the credits when the camera pans full left.

The picture with the trollface ish the Planet from the the Halo 3 Legendary Ending


Will you be hunting for more or was it just the off chance?

In fact the lighting is so good I just notice the other Chief form out of the asteroid’s shadow trails. NICE. (that or it’s Jenkins :slight_smile: