This would be cool as CEA downloadable content:


It seems pretty popular and I’ve played it once or twice, its pretty fun and it’s definitely up to par with the original Halo…

As long as the DLC is free, I’m all for it.

I’ve played it.

It feels like it’s been made by bungie. Great gameplay, music, scripting …

This would be a nice extra to Halo CEA, as a way of rewarding the community.

Oh wow yes, this alone would give me reason enough to buy Halo CEA.

  • it would be a great nod towards the Halo Custom Edition community!

I watched the videos. The second viDoc got to me. They obviously don’t want you to fight a Zealot so early game, which would be why they used a Major with a Sword. But does that really make sence? Why not just use a Camouflage Elite or something?

it would be pretty awesome, I havent played it since I cant find my CE Key, making me unable to play custom edition :frowning:

> As long as the DLC is free, I’m all for it.

y only if its free the only halo dlc i remember that has ever been free was cold storage