Halo CEA cost

Will Halo cea cost 40 dollars all over the world or just in the us because here in dubai a 60 dollar game cost 269 AED which is about 75 dollars will hale cea be the full 75 here?

No idea what it will cost where ever it is you live, but here in the US it will be $39.99.

Sadly we have yet to have a Universal Currency -if one comes soon, I vote we call it Credits- Because of that we have to rely on Regions Currency Conversion Rate. The game will be $40.00 USD which means that whatever it converts to in your home country, that will be the price for you-Plus Costs of shipping overseas and manufacturer cut-

In Australia it’s $70…

Which doesn’t make sense at all. The Aus dollar is buying more than the American. Sure, there is always going to be a difference (Shipping, etc) but almost double? No way.

Different countries also have different taxes/tariffs involved, so I can see the price being different in each country.