Halo CEA Bandana skull

On the mission “The Silent Cartographer” can i get the Bandana Skull on the easy difficulty? If no can i speed run untill there ?

It’ll be there whenever you get there, so you don’t need to be worried about that. I’m not sure about the difficulty though. I believe to get the skulls on previous Halo games you need to be on Normal or harder (Legendary on Halo 2), but I’m not sure about CEA.

On the original combat evolved it didn’t have skulls because when i located piñata skull i changed the graphics to old and the skull wasn’t there

Yes, because the skulls only appear in the updated graphics. That goes for Terminals too.

I got it on easy.
So yes, you can get it on easy.

I got the skull 1 min ago and thanks for the answers :slight_smile: