Halo: CEA & Multiplayer

I may have missed a weeks old bus, but…

Does anyone know?

If I am not able/choose not to pick up Halo: CEA immediately upon it’s release (a moot point as I’ve already pre-ordered it, but bear with me…), would the new maps be available on Xbox Live at the same time as release?

Would I be able to enjoy the fun of new gameplay? Or will it be like Halo 3 when I didn’t immediately DL the Mythic Map pack and it constantly told me I needed to head to the Xbox Live Marketplace or I couldn’t play in some playlists?


Does anyone know what Editions (i.e. Limited & Legendary) of the game are available for pre-order? If any?

As far as I know, there are no special editions for the game. As for the multiplayer, I’m not 100% sure, but, I think that it may be released shortly after CEA hits the shelves, which seems logical.

i dont know, all i know is they should put Halo CEA with xbox live support. not many people are gonna buy this game really

I believe they said they would release the CEA maps after release, like how Mythic Part 2 was released about 6 months after ODST.

I’m getting it for nostalgia, mostly. And I personally think that the “Grunt Funeral” Skull is going to grease the campaign, even on Legendary.

But I love Reach’s multiplayer, and while I know that all of the “Classic” elements will only be forced on people in those designated playlists for the “Classic experience”, I don’t really want to miss out on those maps if by some act of divine intervention I can’t get it on the release date.

Know what I mean? lol

  1. the maps are going to be for halo reach.
    in a way its going to be like the disk we got with ODST but it can be moved on the normal disk unlike the odst one.
    in a way were buying a re masterd game with 1866.2 MP worth of dlc thrown in which is worth like $23.33.

Ok so the game cost 39.99 and the dlc is 23.33 then that means the remastard game with out this DLC is $16.66

and sence a old never opened copy is just 12 bucks with out the maps this is a really cheap game.

343 was’nt kidding when they said it was a gift lol. <a>
2.These maps will come out as normal DLC for halo reach. Remember the multiplayer is just reach nothing different.
These maps will auto download to reach once you put in the game from what I understand.

I hope this helps