Halo CEA Achievement

I noticed that one of the achievements on the list was to fly a banshee on the mission “Assault on the Control Room.” It’s been numerous years since I played Halo CE and I completely forgot how to get a banshee on that level. Could someone enlighten me?

On the land bridge above the control room is a banshee parked on it. You have to run past all the enemies and either steal it from the pilot or kill the pilot.

Kill the pilot by using an overcharged plasma pistol to emp it? Again, I haven’t played Halo CE since 2002.

Just youtubed it and it seems someone made an achievement guide using Halo 1 for Combat Evolved Anniversary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adzo1rtvZ-A

I myself, haven’t flicked through the Achievement list but I didn’t know you could get a Banshee on AoTCR.

Seems like a sweet idea though.


That can work. Or use a PR. Remember that PR’s in CE have Plasma Freeze. What I do is rush up to the Pilot past the initial enemies and surprise him while shooting at him with a PR.

Somewhere on youtube there’s a way to get a banshee during the tank driving part. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before the bridge.

There’s an invis to pick up slightly earlier in the level that makes getting the Banshee a breeze. I’m surprised more people don’t know of it, it lets you skip a hunter fight too.

I just used the sniper rifle to kill the pilot first then kill everything else with a magnum. You can get to the Seige of Madrigal easter egg this way byy flying past above the pyramid and landind on the second collar-like structure and sitting on a spot on the far back right of it.