Halo: CEA Achievement Help!

Hello people, I am nearing achieving 100% completion of achievements on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. I need a few more achievements. These are the achievements I need help on.

That Just Happened - Complete The Library on Heroic difficulty or higher without dying. (can this achievement still be attainable if one of the two players dies?)

He’s Unstoppable! - Not take health damage during a mission on Heroic or Legendary.

I also need to complete the levels; Halo, The Silent Cartographer, and Keyes on Legendary.

Inbox or send a friend request to me. My gamertag is " OompaMyLoompaa ". I can help you on achievements too, if you want.

My suggestion…with That Just Happened…u need Bandana Skull on…And the two weapons I recommend is the magnum and/or shotgun, and the rocket launcher. Caution, towards the second floor and the ending of the third floor, one of the Flood parasites have a rocket. Stay back and nail them first with the magnum then take his weapon and stay as far away as possible. and just keep firing until there’s none left.

With he’s unstoppable…do Pillar of Autumn on Heroic, and use a second controller. He will be the decoy. I also recommend using Bandana Skull because you be throwing plasma grenades like a madman. Just be careful at the part where you have to crouch down, the second time, send the decoy first b/c three elites will appear, and the officer will throw grenades. Throw plasmas continuously until they are dead. Then just finish the level without getting damage. It was pretty easy with that. Single player, just forget about it. You throw a fit easily.

I think I can help you, Add me, GT: HayabusaF1

Done it before, should be a breeze.

DESPERATELY still need more people. Must do it before the 17th because my Xbox Live expires and I won’t renew it until Halo 4.

I’m online right now if you wanna do it just now? :slight_smile:

> I’m online right now if you wanna do it just now? :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I’m quite busy right now. Tomorrow night, around 7PM EST? Send me a message or friend request if you can.

I’ll be offline all day :frowning:

> I’ll be offline all day :frowning:

Aawww, maybe the 17th though? If my Xbox Live is set to expire on the 17th, does that mean I’ll be able to play on the 17th?

But anyways, even if you can’t, thanks for being willing to help :slight_smile: