halo ce

to all i have decided to not buy and more halo games till 343 or bungie make a multi player for halo ce. with out halo ce their would be no other halo and just give the fan half a game such as the campaign without is not enough for me. halo was the game that made xbox and land parties popular it brought thousands to play one game and not only for the campaign but also the multi player. people buy fps not only for the campaign but for the multi player. the campaign is fun to play through but one you beat it all that left is the multi player which give player a chance to play the game continuously online test the skill against other and the fact that halo ce doesn’t have makes it not worth buying and keeping, rather it makes halo ce out to be a drag along game meant to keep the masses, who wait for halo 4, at bay and a sell out for all the fans who have been waiting for a halo ce multi player since halo 2. this blat-en disregard for the fans of halo makes me think that the producer of this game don’t give a crap about their fans but rather are content to just be the new thing on the block leaving behind the fan base that got the started so till they make a multi player for halo ce i refuse to buy anything more from the halo franchise. i will no long be on halo way point so to all who this don’t bother posting back to me.

lan* parties

They went with the mass market approach and long time ago, unfortunately they didn’t know what the mass market wanted. What they did was try and remove middle-long distance combat and replace it with hitting people with sticks and sprayandpray guns.