Halo CE Xbox One X poor frame rate

I’m not sure if this has already been a topic, but well I recently decided to play through Halo CE on legendary and anytime I switch to the new graphics the frame rate takes a dive. I’m playing on Xbox one X and I don’t remember this being an issue on the original One. I know it’s running at 4k, but I wouldn’t think that would be an issue for the OneX. Am I the only one who has this issue or is this yet another 343 blunder?

Yeah there are topics on this right now in the Support forum and on here. For some reason before Reach was added last year, the FPS was completely fine for Halo CEA and H2A in the campaign at 4k on the Xbox One X. But since Reach was added, the FPS got worse. This has been going on since December at least and no fix yet has happened.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because of the new menu system using UE4 running on top of the other engines that’s causing this. Swallowing resources. Why did they even change it? Read something about them having issues with memory management in a recent dev blog. Plot thickens…

To get their attention and have them at least acknowledge the issue we need to create tickets for this. Only performance issue acknowledged under “known issues” for MCC on Xbox refers to the menu outside of gameplay. This should be priority number ONE aside from potential crashes.

I already have made a ticket about this, no reply notice in my email yet… I feel this one will take time to solve since its affect not just Halo CEA (which was just released on PC) but all titles including ODST.

Very poor performance on Halo CE on Xbox One X… Dissapointment.


That’s how it performed some month ago:

Having this exact issue. Gonna bump this thread up.

Same issue here… Sometimes the frame rate goes down to around 10 to 15fps… Im constantly changing the config from new graphics to old graphics in parts where is unplayable…

Before Halo Reach was the framerate good? I have problems with Halo CE and Halo 2 on my Xbox One X. I used to play on the original xbox one console and it wasn’t that bad.

Just been playing CE split screen on the One X and the framerate is still godawful with the remastered graphics, I don’t think it’s actually playable in it’s current state, is there any hope of them patching this? It is a 10 year old last-gen there’s no reason it should run like this…

Also any idea where I can make a ticket about this issue?

Started playing ce again since the last time I played was the og Xbox. The old graphics on Xbox one x make the framerate good but as soon as I toggle remaster graphics the whole game goes to -Yoink-. Just like someone else said, runs at 10-15 fps.

Glad I’m not the only one. I enjoy the new visuals, but damn the framerate is brutal.

Have went back to play Halo: CE, and Halo 2 Anniversary on heroic, then legendary. The performance on both games with remastered graphics is unacceptable. CE missions like “Halo” and “The silent cartographer” have LARGE stuttering and frame drops in the open areas, and make a very frustrating/inconsistent experience. It gets worse on Halo 2 anniversary…
ALL MISSIONS have at least some type of stuttering with “Cairo Station” having one of the worst frame drops in the area with a lot of trees and windows. “Regret” and “The Great Journey” also have poor performance specially in the underwater sections, and the section where you are with Johnson on the scarab.

I would like to note this is all on XBOX ONE X, so it should have no issue running these games with smooth 60fps. Ever since the Halo: Reach update, is has gotten very bad, and I also heard that the MCC menu running on another engine could be the problem, but it does not seem to be as impactful from what I heard…if your game is going to have so many memory problems, STOP adding so much unnecessary consent, and have the main problems fixed first. I would have much preferred having Reach as a separate game, I don’t need it on MCC if it is causing so many performance problems. If 343 really thought it HAD to be on the Master Chief Collection, then maybe just have multiplayer…but do not sacrifice it for the performance of the other MCC games.

The Master chief collection is one of the main reasons I bought an Xbox (never had one before, but always wanted to play Halo after reading the books) and it has now been ruined. This issue CANNOT be ignored, and 343 needs to realize many people bought this to play Halo 2 anniversary, which some might have given up playing, considering how bad the frame drops can be sometimes (seemingly below 40-30 fps). I noticed Halo 4 even has stuttering in the jungle environments. It is likely the issue wont be solved for possibly a year from now, since Halo Infinite is delayed (which is a positive thing), but I hope 343 understands the MCC cannot be left in this state. I don’t ever play multiplayer, I bought it for the campaigns, so I am not sure if they have any issues.

There were no problems with Halo MCC until new parts started being added. When Halo 3 ODST was added, performance issues started in Halo 2A. After adding Halo Reach, there were problems in Halo CE A. Before it was perfectly smooth in parts 1 and 2.

Okay so I’m a LONG time halo fan and starting to get irritated. My original xbox ran all the remasters much better. (Or it was the adding of reach) is 343 literally ignoring ? This is the big exclusive for xbox. How is this going on still. Been over a year!!! Please people, post all you can about this. We need regular fps and non-laggy coop lobbies. Its 2021, why does it seam like we just found out how to connect with people online.