Halo CE with Reach equipment

Seeing as it was the Thel Vadam’s fleet that attacked Reach (before he became the Arbiter) and his fleet that followed the Pillar of Autumn. What if they remade Halo CE, not remaster they’ve already done that, but actually remake it. Same story and location but an upgrade to the gameplay.
Thel Vadamee’s armory surpasses the amount of weapons of Halo CE in Reach.
CE had 6 covie weapons, 4 of which were usable. 3 vehicles, 2 which were useable and a stationary gun (Shade turret).
Reach had 13 usable, and 2 stationary (shade and detachable turret). 4 vehicles. ALL of which are usable.
Lets not forget sentinels in Halo CE, you couldn’t use their weapons but in the remake you can.

Brutes were even in Thel’s fleet, and he was even nice enough to supply some of their sandbox weapons (spiker, hammer). Imagine you’re on one of the bridges on the ring and you’re shooting some elites and grunts, then suddenly drones fly up from the sides and attack you. And skirmishers, they’re members of the invasion force in Reach, wouldn’t some be in the ships that Thel took with him when he followed the Autumn?

This is just wishful thinking but it would be pretty cool.

I think it would be pretty cool, but I think they’ve should stray away from remakes/remasters. I for one, want to see new storylines and vistas.