Halo CE: Playthrough Commentary

Hey guys! I’ve recently been making Halo: CE playthrough videos in order to prepare for Halo 4! I’ve never played Halo: CE before and in turn, I have no idea of how the Halo storyline goes! So that is why I am playing through this game; I need to get the story line of Halo down before Halo 4 comes out! Join me in my venture! Let’s start with Combat Evolved! Be sure to check them out here!
Halo CE Playthrough - YouTube

It’s a great campaign so I’ll give it a watch.


Watching you play through the second level is just hilarious. I lost count of how many times I’ve strafed and fell off the side of the map. Sadly after 10 years of playing this game I still find that happening to me. lololo