Halo CE playlist request

First time posting here but I gotta say, love the new playlist. It’s a blast playing Halo again especially with pistol hit detection fixed. Having said that, I have a small request to update the map list and add a few maps to it. Those maps are Boarding Action, Chiron TL-34, and Longest. These are 2-8 maps and currently the way to play them, is with custom games.

I for one would love some Boarding Action, was always my favorite map, and I’m sure there are others who would agree. Anyone else agree should post here, and hopefully 343 will take note and include these classic maps.

Other then that keep it 3vs3 and I’ll keep coming back.

To be honest I saw ‘maximum players: 6’ and didn’t go any further than that. Even with 8 players some of the old Halo maps were really slow and I don’t fully understand the arbitrary 6 player limit.

Yes, I completely agree. Let’s get Longest, Chiron, and Boarding Action in as possible selections. Timberland would be nice too.

4v4 to me I think is too much. On some maps, like Wizard, you will end up getting killed right after spawning alot. At least I did. It also seemed more chaotic. 2v2 is nice on some maps, but 3v3 seems about right.

Agreed, all the maps should be available on MP in their playlists. Well except Backwash :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully they add more maps to the playlists to keep it fresh, seems all I play is Rat Race and Wizard all the time.

I strongly agree with you. I love playing Halo: CE but sometimes it gets a tiny bit repetitive playing the same maps. More maps will make it way more fun than it is now.

Yea Rat Race and Wizard are getting old. It’s strange how Halo CE and 2 have a few maps that are MIA unless its a custom game.