Halo CE Pistol Next Update?

So I was in Warzone going through my power weapons when I got to the slot the Whispered Truth is usually is. Now the WT was there but the pic on the slot that its in is different! Instead of the slot having a pic of a Halo 5 pistol it now has a pic of the CE pistol! There is a pic of the slot in my recent Snapshots for those who don’t get it or are curious. I think due to fact 343 adding the CE into slots is a sure sign they’re adding it very soon

oooo i can’t wait for the whispered truth. I seriously cannot wait to get it and use it. That and the arbitors bane. I have it but i haven’t used it

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Same here

I hope it’s true to the original.

And can be used as a spawn weapon in custom games. Oh my the possibilities.

This weapon was finished months ago, don’t know what is taking them so long…