Halo CE or Halo CEA?

Even though I’ve never played the first game (I know, I’m planning on getting Anniversary), I just wanna hear from the community which of the versions would you prefer?
Halo CE
Halo CE Anniversary

They’re both the same with few exceptions. :confused:

Anniversary is not out yet so nobody can have a real opinion on which IS the better game. But honestly, Anniversary is supposed to play true to the original, and simply enhance it.

So in the end I think Anniversary is the way to go. Especially since Anniversary comes packaged with the original game (at the press of a button).

They’re the same game. For me, it will just be a matter of how I feel at the time. DO I want to play old graphics or new? It’ll vary.

CE, CEA won’t have the original multiplayer

> CE, CEA won’t have the original multiplayer

I’d get CEA, I don’t have know many people who would come to my house to have a lan party to play CE. While you can use XBox Live to play the remade maps (though they aren’t the original one)