Halo:CE needs better representation

First Halo 2 anniversary already has 3 game modes. Every other game has at least one all to itself. Despite the bugs I still enjoy Halo:CE the most as do all my friends. We only have one game mode to choose Team Slayer. As with Big Team Battle we are always slightly outvoted and all ties never go to Halo:CE. I want a game mode that is just Halo:CE as was promised before launch.

They need to up BTB to 8v8 and add back in the missing vehicles on the Halo 1 maps before they can actually work for BTB. They are simply too large to be exciting with 12 players and few vehicles.

Halo CE is funny to play

Hopefully there will be a day when every Halo has their own set of playlists and ranking system. Halo 1 and team snipers playlist is literally all I need.

Please can we get a halo CE playlist. Its so frustrating dealing with all the matchmaking issues and then having to play H2A or halo 3

Just gimme some ranked team slayer 1 2 3 playlist

It really frustrates me how people gripe and quit whenever Halo: CE is chosen in ANY playlist. Sigh I guess OG Halo is reserved for the seasoned veterans…

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> It really frustrates me how people gripe and quit whenever Halo: CE is chosen in ANY playlist. Sigh I guess OG Halo is reserved for the seasoned veterans…

Lol exactly… seems there isnt many seasoned vets left. Any time I even get a Halo CE game seems like no one even understands the game. More people running around with assault rifles rather than using the pistol.

Halo CE needs its own 4v4 playlist. Let the people play what they want to play. It’s amazing how the thing I was most excited for (HCE med. team slayer) has essentially been removed from the game. This decision is as disappointing as any of the bugs in the game. Even when the game will work perfectly, that decision still makes it near impossible to play the game I want to play the most.

Yeah i agree its the most frustrating part of this whole situation, halo 1 is all i want to play and obviously there are tons of us out there. Please fix this

I’m also one of those people who bought this game mainly to play Halo: CE multiplayer, specifically Team Slayer. So far, when a Halo: CE map is chosen in matchmaking, it loads with the starting weapons and weapon layouts that me and my LAN party friends used to play with, which is very pleasing. What is MOST pleasing to me is the removal of the radar in the Halo: CE matchmaking maps in Team Slayer; this was also a setting we always used because we felt that not having the radar was a lot more fun.

I’m also in favor of a dedicated Halo: CE 4v4 Team Slayer matchmaking variant, with the current weapon settings and no radar. If that existed I, along with the other friends who have bought this game hoping to play Halo: CE together, would be very happy and play it into the ground.

I have the impression that map choices arent even random. The only Halo 1 map ever presented for me in BTB is HangemHigh (my least favorite map for BTB outside of Oddball), and otherwise, which is three quarters of the time Im given 2 halo 2 maps and one halo 3. Like wtf. I want some Ice Fields and Gephy, please. Once near release I got a Danger Canyon, and it was the only time I notably enjoyed myself in MCC MP yet. Never since.

The should lock in a CE map out of three for every vote, to make it somewhat fair.