Halo CE Legendary Run Through Bug

I recently run into a glitch that after I beat Assault on the Control Room on Legendary, the loading screen came up that the next level was the Library when it should be 343 Guilty Spark. However, after the loading screen it went to the 343 guilty spark level, but the pause menu shows that I am playing the Library. In the main campaign menu, it says I beat 343 guilty spark already on legendary, when I haven’t.

It’s not that big of a deal because I can just play 343 guilty spark on legendary anyway even though it already says I completed it, but it’s still a glitch worth mentioning because the level names got swapped after beating Assault on the Control Room.

This just happend to me also saved and quit on 343 guilty spark loaded halo mcc couple hours after and it loaded The Library weird glitch.

This helped me so much you have no idea