Halo CE LASO Co-op "Connection game interrupted"!

So a friend and I has been stuck on T & R. after a couple times now on LASO difficulty, one time we got to the Shuttle Bay area and the game completely froze and kicked us out of the game due to a “Your connection to the game has been interrupted” after 2 1/2 hours of play! So we were completely kicked out of the party as well and it caused my Xbox One X to freeze in the MCC menu and then I have to reset the Xbox to get the game to be normal again. We wanted to see if resuming the mission together would put us back at the same checkpoint but it didn’t! It reset the whole level on Co-op (because of the Iron Skull) because of a ridiculous random disconnection! We tried the mission again a day later and this time it froze on the section with the rock bridge area and kicked us out again! Losing close to 3 hours of gametime on Truth is just insane (because of how difficult this mission is already with only two weapons you can use!) and we have to do it all over again! I know on doing this on Solo with the save and quit method and resuming does work (but the issue with doing it on solo is if you die and you miss pressing start in time, it resets the mission) but its insane that I have to do this all over again on Coop if the connection drops for whatever reason! We both checked our connections and its working perfectly!

I hate to say this 343 but I think you need to change the effects of the Iron Skull when playing on Co-op when your connection is unstable (or if the game’s connection acts up for no apparent reason). I have NO PROBLEM with playing on Solo with the current effects in place, its almost lifelike the way it works, you only have one chance and one life to get through the mission. I know it goes back to your last checkpoint on Coop while in game but if your connection is dropped, there is NO REASON that you cannot just pick up (because of how insanely crazy hard it is already) where you left off at the last checkpoint from the main menu, even if you decide to save and quit for the day, with the same person you played with! You should just be able to pick up where you left off! Why does solo have this glitch where you can cancel out the Iron Skull by saving and quitting and then resuming but not Coop? In a future update, you have got to find a way to track the same two accounts that just played with on any level of whoever is the original host of that level, you should pick up in the middle of the mission of wherever the last checkpoint (from the host) between your accounts/gametags were! Losing all of that progress because of a random disconnect is just gut-wrenching because of something out of our control! You should have two different saves for checkpoints but have the same progress for mission progress in the playlist if doing it on Solo or Co-op, one for Co-op with playing with these usernames mid-mission and a solo save if your playing the missions on solo. If your playing with a different person or with 3 different others (on 3/ODST/4), it restarts the mission over. I know what I am asking might make this playlist a little easier but because its so hard already and this is a networking issue that is out of my control, why not have something like this so were not wasting our time repeating these missions all over again, and this has nothing to do with skill either. Were obviously still dying a lot in game to make the right progress with keeping enough ammo to getting on the ship but these disconnects are unacceptable with these playlists with the way the Iron Skull works! It was almost like this playlist is made for Solo play rather than necessarily on Co-op, which leaves the risk of you disconnecting at any time!

Update: We tried for a third time to get through with the mission on Co-op. We got just past the Shuttle Bay section this time after 2 hours and then the game just disconnected once again!! Honestly we just had the three levels to climb, get to Keyes and get him to the Shuttle Bay. This is absolutely insane 343, every time we get kicked out of the game because the game is unable to retain a connection for more than 2 hours it seems (although we went up to 3 hours before but we had to quit out because we were stuck with just AR left, no sniper ammo so we could not proceed really, it was our first try on LASO on this level but no disconnects). We have to restart it because of this stupid networking issue with CE that comes up every single time if we play a mission for a long time, plus the Iron Skull restarting us to the beginning when we quit out!! I do not believe its a problem on our part and how could it be if I am able to stay logged in after the game is quitting us out? I tested some matchmaking last night to check my connection and the game gave the connection interrupted message when try to load into a match, it kicked me out. Then tried again and this time was able to load into the match on a different map.

Last week we were playing on normal legendary on Spartan Ops with 4 people, although we didn’t play any mission for more than 2 hours though, but the person who is the host is the same person here being the host on CE LASO.

We decided then to shelve CE LASO until I see an update regarding the networking for Campaign improved, because recently I have only have seen updates mainly for multiplayer only.

Same problems here. Co-op LASO, DC’s every 2-3 hours. Actually insane how these kinds of problems exist years after launch.

Literally I have the same problem here! It happen twice while trying to play truth and reconciliation, and it happened twice while playing the library when we are at the VERY END. That easily over 4 hours of game play lost(combined). But when I play other games like BO4 its all fine and no lag once so ever. 343 needs to fix this ASAP. Idk if this is just a Master Chief collection bug or an bug on the Xbox one x,(wouldn’t be the first time).