Halo CE has no more disc check

I think that a lot of people who have tried playing Halo: Combat Evolved on Windows 10 know this, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway. As many of you know, you need to patch your game to version 1.0.10 to get Halo to work on Windows 10. It also happens that this patch removes the disc check from Halo, allowing you to play it whenever you want (because most PCs don’t have a disc drive). This might not be news to most people, but it is to me.

The disk check was removed because its a obsolete DRM and like you said, most modern pc’s don’t have disk drives.
A 20 years old game that doesn’t receive no more ufficial support don’t require any DRM in my opinion, most because its going to become abadonware becoming accessible to anyone for free most of the times.
Today the only version that have support and ufficial multiplayer is the MCC version, which adds another point for stopping the support for the retail version of the game.