HALO CE: Graphic elements that are not faithful to the original release of 2001

Since I was asked by the 343 support agents to post this stuff in the forums where it might gain traction with the developers and the comunity, here it goes:

  • The are several visual elements present in the Classic HUD interface that are discrepant when compared to the the original 2001 Xbox release, and they should be restored more faithfully in MCC:

The weapon icons that appear when you can pick them up are still those found in the Anniversary graphics.
The most visually conflicting elements are the images of the plasma pistol (the new one has a really different configuration and a “horn” on top, borrowed from Halo Reach); the plasma and assault rifles are shorter, stockyer; the needler which, although is similar, is way smaller being displayed in the HUD; the sniper rifle which has had a significant number of details added, and the plasma grenade icon , which now looks way too dull, like a translucent blue billiard ball.

I have compiled below a comparison image of the discussed visual elements.

  • In the 343 Guilty Spark mission, during Jenkins’ cutscene, the door blocking the Flood Infection Forms is broken before even looking at it. In the original 2001 XBOX release, the door breaks when the camera looks at it, accompanied by a proper sound effect of the Flood bashing it.

In MCC, since the door is already broken, it takes away from the suspense and tension of the scene, of the Flood breaking out.

The OG cutscene, with the door being bashed down

The MCC version, with the already broken door
Jenkins door MCC

  • In the ending cutscene of the game, when the Halo ring explodes, the front shockwave arch is different - brighter in color compared to the original 2001 XBOX look, and even compared to the back arch of the same shockwave in MCC. It should be more purple and less bright, as seen in the following images.

The original look of the Halo shockwave

The MCC version of the shockwave

That’s it for now. Hopefully these things will be addressed in a future update of MCC.

Thank you for the continuous support!



I care a lot more when driving the warthog in CE w/ new graphics and my hog is stuck on nothing. Switch to old graphics and realize the textures don’t align with the geometry, so I’m hitting the edge of a rock I cant see.


Aside from the UI icons I didn’t even realize the other changes were present. The MCC team has done a pretty bang up job with implementing legacy visual fixes, and hopefully we can see these items get patched eventually.

The UI elements seem the least likely to get fixed, but they did add the classic HUD, so anything’s possible.


This is great work OP.

I never expected 343i to add the original Halo: CE HUD and was ecstatic when they did. I hope more preservation efforts are made.

Also side-note: Cool to see we can embed images in our posts now!


There is one more important thing missing in the MCC version of Halo: CE, and that is the original post-credits video of 343 Guilty Spark floating through space, after escaping from the ring’s explosion.

This is a key moment in the story of the game, and MCC Halo CE is the only Halo game from the 6 included in MCC that is missing the original post-credits video.

From my understanding, the corresponding video files (Classic and Anniversary) are found in the game installation folder, however, for some unknown reason, they are not played.

Hopefully 343 will fix this in a future update.


On the topic of bringing the game closer to the OG Xbox release, it’d be really awesome if 343 could consult with Marty on the music. I know I’ve heard him say numerous times that none of the releases of Halo CE since the original game in '01 have the proper way the music is supposed to play during gameplay. Would be really cool if they could use his expertise to get it right for the first time in 20 years. Also touching on what Panda above said, it’d be great if they could touch up the anniversary graphics to properly line up with the game’s geometry. Halo 2 Anniversary got this perfect as far as I remember, it’d be nice if CEA could be brought up to that quality.

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100% agreed. It bums me out that so many new players didn’t get to see that.


jeah like some dude before me said the post credit scene is major and must return , as it explains for Halo 2 players how 343 gluty spark surived the explosion + it is foreshadowing. also lol they straith up took a halo 3 sniper rifle modell for the aniversary hud. nice thta you posted it hopefully it gets traction , i always noticed it too but is was just a samll detail that its gone from my mind.


I recall some of the graphics and stuff was a bit off 2 years ago in 2020 when I completed the game on Legendary and got all the skulls/terminals, extras, but overall my experience with the game was smooth and good despite these minor graphical inconsistencies. Hopefully they fix all that now. Also I was using some classic speed run methods like warthog door glitch on The Silent Cartographer and getting a banshee on early on Assault on Control Room. It was nice that these weren’t patched because when done right you can get some really decent times speed running.

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